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Combat Archery - Dodgeball with bows & arrows

Archery, dodgeball, paintball and Nerf foam gets thrown in a blender and out comes this amazing new experience you have to try. The best corporate team building and bonding activity in Charleston, SC.

While there are many games we play for private parties such as Hunger Games, Protect the President, Ballistic Warfare, the main form gameplay is similar to that of dodgeball. Opposing teams start on opposite ends of the field with all the arrows strewn about the center line. “Go” is shouted and teams rush to the ammo cache based on their devised strategies. Then chaos. Arrows flying left, right and sideways. Pure mayhem, pure adrenaline, pure fun. If you get hit, you’re out. If you catch an arrow (yes it happens), the shooter is out and a sidelined teammate is respawned to fight just a little longer.

It doesn’t matter if you call it archery tag, battle bows or dodge dart, combat archery will be the most fun you have ever had shooting friends, family and coworkers. We love paintball parties, however some aren’t big fans of the pain and welts. With our youth bows strung at 20-29 lb. draw weight and 22- to 28-inch draw length range coordinated 8 year old can play on the same field as adults if desired.

You don’t need a reason to host an event. A Tuesday afternoon is perfect. However, if you are are seeking the best birthday party idea in Charleston SC, look now further. Combat Archery is quickly becoming the go-to bachelor party in Charleston SC activity. Ladies who want something different for their bachelorette parties really love the adrenaline without the fear of pain from paintball.

Great for church youth groups, non-profit organizations, sport teams, fundraisers.

We have several fields we can play on based on availability and permits, and can play at any privately owned location. We only need the size of a tennis court to play. We have a gym to play in on really hot and/or rainy days or at night.

First we teach you how to shoot properly at our targets and then the competitive games start. Combat archery can be combined with bubble soccer for one amazing event.

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